Coordination of colleges for high school 2022 in Egypt

Coordination of colleges for high school 2022 in Egypt

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Dear high school students in Egypt in 2022, first of all, I would like to congratulate you all on the great success that you achieved after a whole year of fatigue and trouble (congratulations to all).
I want to draw your attention to the following: Your high school score, whatever it is, does not mean that it is the future, but rather you are the one who creates your future by yourself, with your effort and work.
I know very well that the college that you will enter is nothing but a place that God has made you in this place in order to prove yourself, succeed and be distinguished. The main goal is to succeed in life in general and not only in high school.
Dear, if you did not get the result that you dreamed and hoped for, do not despair because you did everything you could do, so let God choose for you what is in your best interest.
And now, here are the most important indicators of coordination and admission to colleges for the year 2022, with success for all.
Universities Coordination Indicators 2022
Literary Division:
Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo 359

Alexandria Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Sciences 352

Alsun College Kafr El-Sheikh 350

Faculty of Politics and Economics of Suez 349

Faculty of Politics and Economics Beni Suef 344

Alsun College, Suez Canal, Ismailia 341

Alsun College Ain Shams 340

Cairo Media College 339

Alsun College Fayoum 339

Menoufia College of Media 336

Alsun College Beni Suef 335

Alsun South Valley College, Hurghada Branch 334

Alsun College, Minya 333

Alsun College Aswan 333

Faculty of Archeology in Zagazig Basan El-Hajar 332
Alsun Sohag College 332

The "Al-Tariq" portal had published a report on the expectations of the coordination of private colleges 2022, based on the minimum admission to colleges in the coordination of the last year 2021, where the difference is not significant in the coordination of colleges in successive years, and it is expected that it will be the same coordination as last year.

Faculty of Medicine 82%.

Faculty of Dentistry 79%.

College of Physiotherapy 78%.

College of Pharmacy 78%.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 73%.

Faculty of Engineering 65%.

Faculty of Computer Science 62%.

College of Health Sciences Technology and College of Biotechnology 59%.

College of Applied Arts (Scientific Division) 59%.

College of Basic Sciences 58%.

Coordination of the Faculty of Media and Communication Arts (Literary Division) 55%.

Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation 55%.

Faculty of Economics and Political Science 55%.

Faculty of Economics and Management 55%.

Faculty of Agriculture 55%.

Faculty of Arts 55%.

Faculty of Archeology 55%.

Faculty of Education 55%.

Faculty of Tourism and Hotels 55%.

Faculty of Law 55%.

Faculty of Nursing 55%.

Faculty of Film Sciences 55%.

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