come and learn new language with easy way

come and learn new language with easy way

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At the beginning of the article,why is itnecessary to learn languages? You must learn languages, especially in this current and modern era, to help yourself get a job and because it is a means of communicating with people.

First, before starting, you should know some basic information to make things easier

  1.  You must set a big goal to motivate you to complete, such as that you want to travel abroad or get a job in a large and important company abroad. Reward   yourself if you finish some of the tasks.

Redeeming yourself if you finish some studying or a little bit of learning any language you want, like having some candy or a walk outside, that helps you keep 2.  going and that you want more.

You have to focus on one particular language at the beginning, because it's harder to learn more than one language at a time, and it's better to start with English, especially if you're Arab

We start by learning the language first.


You must choose the right source for you and free software because some people do not have a lot of money to learn. Therefore, most of the resources should   chosen for free. The best of them are from Arabic channels  droose online ahmed abo zeid to start learning English for starters.

learn english from english

2. Good speech practice is like hearing videos in the language you learn, hearing the pronunciation well, repeating it.


3. Watching videos in the language you want to learn and trying to translate, if you fail to translate or you don't know, you can use    u-Dictionary  for all languages and also give you examples.

4. Get to know people who speak the same language that you want to learn in order to practice the language easily. It will also help you to have them speak the same language as you for ease of translation and learning.

And here we can say that we have the basic information to learn a language very easily at first, but there are some things that you'll notice on the learning journey.


You're going to be very excited at the beginning, and in the middle of the journey, there's a great chance that you're going to lose your passion, but you have to keep going, despite the loss of passion, because that's what's going to help you with the language.

And this is where we end up forgetting continuity. Continuity.


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